What People Say: 

Hi, Ogo. I thought the whole seminar was excellent from start to finish – well thought out and brilliantly put together. Your talk was very good indeed. You made many great points and gave the audience so much value.

There just aren’t enough Ogos in this world, it would be a much better place if there were… Mike Skidmore – Speaker and Brand Consultant for The United Nations, Cranfield University Business School and The Chartered Institute of Marketing 

Passionate and uplifting are two words that come to mind when thinking of Ogo Ogbata. Ogo is a multi-talented and creative woman who inspires everyone she comes in contact with to deliver excellence. I attended a book launch and community leadership event held by her in London and was impressed with the professionalism with which she organized and executed a successful event.

She is an inspirational woman and she left her audience motivated to take positive action in their community. An inspiring speaker and prolific writer, Ogo keeps her audience on the edge of their seats. Whether engaging her on a consultancy or a speaking engagement, one thing is clear, you will not be disappointed. Chioma Isiadinso – CEO of EXPARTUS, former Board Member at Harvard University and Author of The Best Business Schools’ Admissions Secrets 

Ogo is a truly valuable person: smart, professional and cares about others. Highly recommended!Noah St. John, Mindset Expert   

One tip alone helped me increase revenue generation from $25,000 per month to over $30,000 per month – with amazing clients consistently coming my way!Lloyd Walsh, Leadership Consultant 

I was fortunate enough to speak at Ogo Ogbata’s amazing leadership event in London recently. Thank you Ogo for giving me the opportunity to meet such great people, in a format that exceeded anything I have ever been to before. It was quite frankly, the best event I have ever attended for networking!

The powerful insights from the speakers, the inspiration, giving people permission to ask and receive plus meeting fantastic contacts with whom I was able to firmly agree to a follow up meeting for exploring potential business opportunities.

I had 3 big clients the following month and one of them was as a direct result of attending the event. In short it was very well thought out and put together. THANK YOU for inviting me and again well done! Dylis Guyan – Former Regional Director at Barclays Financial Services and CEO at Dylis Guyan 

When I was invited to share my experience of running a successful business for several decades at Ogo’s Leadership Event in London, I thought that it would provide a good opportunity for me to pass on some of what I’ve learned during recent years, as well as hear from others.

The organisers demonstrated real enthusiasm and professionalism in the delivery of the event. It was at once interesting, informative and enjoyable. Andrew Loake – MD, Loake Shoemakers, established since 1880 

I started my journey supporting large automotive manufacturers with their market research and results, run a number of successful companies in real estate and other industries, been appointed to the Minister of Energy’s Advisory Council in Toronto, Canada, and now harness my experience and master facilitator skills to help innovators, entrepreneurs, corporate leaders and mission-based people rewire themselves and their businesses for higher success and happiness.

Yearning to publish my next book and wondering how to get all of the relevant expertise ‘out of my head’ despite a very busy schedule, I was drawn to Ogo and her idea of leveraging a single conversation into a book.

She helped me to step back and think about my ‘why’ for writing this book, my big idea, the needs of my audience, strategic publishing goals and how to realise them. She inspired me to envision its success, evaluate the potential for a series and think about ways to achieve bestseller results.

Intelligent research was conducted by her company in order to establish ways to stand out from the crowd. Over a series of private consultations, she helped me craft an engaging title and provided a fantastic structure for laying out the contents of the book which complemented my existing outline.

It was great to have someone in my corner flagging up angles I had not considered or sub-topics that would intrigue my audience. Detailed work was done in the planning stages and it was exciting to finally get on the phone and have so much knowledge extracted out of me in a single conversation.

Post interview, I got a list of helpful resources to support the next phase of the project. I’d definitely recommend Ogo and her service to experts and thought leaders who want to get their message out to the world in an intelligently leveraged way! Heather Ramsey – Founder and Head Trainer at Rewired4Success 

Having earned a PhD in curriculum and instruction design and worked for years as a teacher and college professor, I noticed that a lot of teachers were passionate about passing on their knowledge but struggled to create courses that facilitated tangible transformation for their students.

I saw this in the business world as well, when coaches and experts seek to turn their expertise into an online course or program. So I developed a proprietary system based on neuro-science to help experts create profitable and compelling courses that get completed while helping their students achieve the results they envisioned when purchasing the course.

While I am an experienced writer myself, and even freelanced as a copywriter for several years, when it came to my own business I found myself blocked. I struggled to position my offer in the marketplace and come up with brand-aligned product names that resonated with my audience.

When Ogo saw what I was trying to achieve, she generously provided encouragement and feedback on ways to position my concept more successfully. I took her advice and worked on a pitch which attracted interest from potential joint venture partners but there were still some loose strings left. So when the opportunity presented itself weeks later, I followed my gut instinct and hired Ogo to help nail down the rest of my branding.

We agreed to work on my project for up to 30 days but in less than a week, Ogo provided crystal clarity on how to position my offer as an innovative solution in the marketplace. She has a gift with words and pulled the perfect product names seemingly out of the air.

She also provided strategic insight to help me launch my course, podcast and the next phase of my business. I tremendously enjoyed working with her and highly recommend her without reservation to experts and leaders who need someone who can help them develop a unique and compelling offer and strategies to help them get their message out to the right audience successfully.

This service has saved me the enormous stress of trying to do this all on my own and I am walking away with a new level of confidence and enthusiasm!  Deb Peretz, PhD – Founder at Teaching for Impact 

I’ve been fascinated by the power of plants since childhood and worked as a musician, fashion stylist and freelance writer for magazines like Marie-Claire. Then shockingly my body crashed in 2005. I soon found out that I had a long list of diseases and 2 were “incurable”: Total Burnout, Central Myelitis, Poly Neuritis, Lyme disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia.

Unwilling to spend the rest of my life in unbearable pain, I learnt how to cure myself using natural foods and simple lifestyle changes. As business owners kept asking how I did it, I made it my mission to help them unlock the energy they need to live their ideal lifestyle and have since worked with executive coaches, grammy award winning musicians, TedX event organisers and more.

In just a couple of consultations, Ogo showed me how to reposition my ideas and existing content in order to attract more of my ideal clients. I had been holding back so much in my messaging for fear of coming across the wrong way and my calls to action were often confusing.

She made it clear how to communicate my expertise in a way that feels good to me and to the ones who need my help – leading to the launch of ‘Energy for Experts TV’. In less than 10 days, a finance consultant introduced me to 25 of her high end clients who could not wait to start working with me because of the way I communicated the benefits and this led to high ticket income for my business!

But that’s not all. In phase 2 of our work together, she gave me accurate and laser-sharp strategies that transformed my LinkedIn presence into an outstanding platform that attracts the calibre of business experts and leaders I work with plus the speaking and training opportunities I have been searching for.

In just 2 days I was getting appointments with decision makers after struggling on my own for months. She also crafted a much more compelling brand identity for my VIP mastermind program as well as repositioning and streamlining my offers for enhanced appeal.

You don’t know what you don’t know. That’s what you need Ogo for! She is a gem, genius, generous and supportive. I learnt how to grow my business just from watching how she did several tasks so effortlessly. Fast, to the point and on point – just the way I like it. I would recommend Ogo without reservation to experts and leaders who want to improve who they are and what they do! Marie-Claire Hermans – Founder, Energy for Experts 

I run a company in partnership with bestselling author, Barbara Hemphill, (who launched her Productivity Consulting Business long before the Billion Dollar Organizing Industry even existed) and after joining her team, earned more money in 1 day as a Productivity Consultant than I used to make in 2 weeks at my stressful full time job.

In nearly 40 years, we have trained 1000s of clients and certified 100s of consultants in multiple countries around the world. However, consistent client generation was a big challenge for me as I often relied on people finding me online or via word of mouth referrals.

Ogo consulted with me over a period of 4 weeks to design and setup a system that generates highly targetted prospects on demand! She went over and beyond what I expected, working tirelessly and proactively with her team to make sure everything was done effectively.

From strategy development to critiquing and editing my marketing communications, improving the creative, split-testing, optimisation and coaching me on how the entire process works, everything was done from the heart – leaving no stone unturned.

I would highly recommend her services to industry leaders who want to improve their cash flow and grow their business without having to constantly search for or chase after new clients. I look forward to working with Creativity and Sense Consulting again soon.  Andrea Anderson – President, Productive Environment Institute

I’m setting up a business to help other businesses maximise their profits by harnessing the power of effective communication so I arranged a strategy session with Ogo. My consultation left me brimming with ideas and I took away a lot of very important action points that I hadn’t paid much attention to before talking to her.

With my background in marketing communications, I thought that I would have the ideas I needed for growing my business but Ogo helped me look at things from a new perspective.

Having established that my business proposition was a good one we spent a good deal of time talking about ideas for ‘productisation’, how I would find my target market and how my offer compared to similar services.

She was generous with her ideas and challenged me to talk confidently about the value my service would add to businesses. I’m grateful for her valuable input and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who needs help with ideas and strategy for their business. Fiona Cohn – Principal Consultant at Excel:arate

I am passionate about social enterprise both in the UK and abroad and although I am comfortable writing about this and other topics, I knew little about business blogging and had neither the tools nor structure required to create content successfully.

However, attending Ogo’s highly inspiring seminar gave me good grounding on how to create a unique and personable brand as well as communicate creatively with my desired audience. Further one-to-one consulting with her then challenged some of my beliefs on the subject matter and equipped me with step-by-step strategies and practical tools with which to get my message out in a unique and affordable way.

When I started this training, I had little financial and human resource capital for my charity but within a mere 2 weeks, I started to attract donations (both on a one-off and year-long subscription basis!) as well as volunteers from far and wide.

The best thing is that I am communicating with more confidence, as I now possess strategic intelligence. I am maximising my content and getting people on board without being pushy.

Essentially, I have focussed engagement with my audience and it is helping me toward my goals more efficiently. I have received a lot of value from Ogo’s work so far and find her very personable and flexible also. Highly recommended! Tony Rutter – Senior Internal Auditor at The Crown Prosecution Service and Director of ‘You Can Thrive’ Charity

I needed more direction, focus and specific strategies for income generation when I was launching my new business. I had an hour’s consultation with Ogo and she was full of ideas, encouragement and passion, equipping me with a step by step plan and short cuts to my desired objectives.

As I was preparing for my Masters in Clinical Counselling State Exams, she showed me how to creatively leverage the resources I already had in order to save time, money and stress whilst getting my message to a global audience. Very generous and personable! Roxana Boglio Branigan – Entrepreneur and Branding Expert 

Clarity of message is the difference between your ideal prospects spending time actively on your website or clicking away, contacting you or ignoring you, buying your products and services or feeling confused.

In just 15 minutes with Ogo, I gained enough clarity on my brand message to communicate my unique value proposition in a way that clearly resonates with my target audience and helps me stand out from the crowd. Sometimes we are too close to the obvious especially when it’s our own project. I highly recommend her perspective! Colin Campbell – Marketing Consultant 

I found Ogo’s Masterclass both enjoyable and instructive – particularly with regard to practical strategies for creating, formatting and scheduling my content more effectively. I was also happy to receive a website and content review which gave me specific strategies for getting more prospects, clients, engagement and results in less than an hour per day.

Potentially, the value and information I received could have saved or made my business up to £2,500. Paul Forsythe – Director at Alemare Solutions Ltd. 

Ogo is an inspiring speaker as well as a great writer. I attended one of her “Inspiration for Change!” events and left inspired and empowered to go the extra mile and launch one of my projects.

Ogo’s expertise in her field forces respect and she is definitively an asset in your network. I would recommend her without hesitation for any consulting or coaching work. Isabelle Djeni – Associate Director, Traded Products Legal at UBS Investment Bank, London 

Ogo helped me ‘get unstuck’, achieve greater clarity about my audience and structure my expertise into several high-end packages I can deliver profitably without trading time for money anymore.

As if supporting me with product development and pricing wasn’t enough, she also helped me create content that instantly positioned me as an expert, attracted targeted prospects at up to 70% conversion rate, doubled my mailing list 12 times over in just a couple of weeks and turned a start-up venture with no show of interest whatsoever into a premium service people are regularly applying for. A lot of ground was covered in a short time. Thank you! Hillary Gooden – Certified Lymphologist 

Excellent seminar. Ogo is so enthusiastic, it’s contagious! Alistair MacRae – Training Consultant at Alistair Macrae Associates 

I attended Ogo’s Intelligent Marketing Masterclass and got all that I needed as she covered everything she promised in her brief.  It was good to get to know more about her and her experience. I’ll be keeping in touch. Alex Pailing – Director at Cre8 Website Design 

Ogo provided a very relaxed, informative and interactive workshop where I made valuable connections with other attendees. The knowledge I gleaned from the training could have saved or made my business up to £1,000. I’d be interested in learning more from her. Lorna Robinson – Director at Cornerstone Graphics 

Ogo’s business workshop gave me solid tips to help me get my new practice off the ground and attract clients. She has a very charismatic personality and the hours went by very fast! Lesley Rennie – Director at Lesley Rennie Life Coaching  

From the very beginning, Ogo gave me the feeling of consistency, precision and commitment. Her natural ability to listen before answering, her sense of creativity when it comes to communicating and her strong understanding about business and entrepreneurship ranks her among the best speakers, writers and business consultants I have worked with so far. Not only is she a serious professional, she is also a strategic partner.” Oliver Carvajal Gómez – Founder at Keys2Bizz Consulting 

Your book (Creativity and Sense) helped me recall many forgotten talents from my past, and to clarify those I have discovered more recently. As a practicing physician facing a crossroads in my professional life, it also helped me to define my needs and abilities in a way that will enable me make productive changes. Doctor Linda Mackey, New York, USA 

I invited Ogo to feature on our talk show in London. She connected easily and very well with the audience. Her manner was friendly, engaging and warm. She ensured good audience participation and everyone was well impressed by the end of the evening. It was quite clear that she had a good grasp of her subject matter and a lot of practical, common-sense ideas and advice to pass along.

Her enthusiasm was quite infectious, and she left people buzzing and wanting for more. Having only met Ogo recently, I must say that she is a truly remarkable woman who left a positive impression on me. I will be attending more of her events in the future. Doctor Bola Akinola, Talk Show Producer 

Hello Ogo, I’ve just typed up my notes from last night and realised how many great pointers I got out of your training, so thank you. I’m currently putting together a workshop on de-cluttering and will definitely use your techniques. Kind regards. Judith Morris – Director at Organised Chaos

Deep emotional work is a missing key for many people. The information in your book (titled ‘Creativity and Sense’) is great stuff! I particularly loved the simple yet powerful exercises. Paul Schlegel – former fraud investigator and Publisher of the online business resource – Work At Home Truth 

Ogo is a great author, trainer and coach. She seeks excellence in all she does and is a brilliant communicator. I would recommend Ogo, as she will always deliver great service to the highest quality. Rita Okoye –  (Communications Specialist for the BBC, Channel 5, Financial Times, Pride Magazine, NatWest Bank etc.) now CEO at Majestically Rare Events 

Ogo Ogbata is Creative. Dynamic. Kind and nurturing. Filled with razor sharp insight that can move people more quickly toward their goals. Generous. Dedicated to adding value and Creatively Inspiring Excellence. Connect with her. Work with her. You’ll love her! Obi Utah – Architecture and Planning Consultant 

Having met Ogo on a couple of occasions now, it is evident that she is a very down to earth and trustworthy person. Ogo has demonstrated that she is very ambitious and focussed on her goals and is a tireless servant to her clients.

She also has a very good sense of humour and is a pleasure to be around. I would highly recommend Ogo as someone who you could certainly work with. Martin Pringle – Team Manager at World Ventures

Creativity and Sense Business Networking Events are fun and friendly! Since I began attending, I have met lots of new start-up businesses there. I have also given and received several business referrals. Jeanette McLaughlin-Barker – Business Relations Executive, Business Link  

Thank you for hosting such an excellent networking event last week. The atmosphere was very comfortable and supportive.

I was wondering if you were considering having a corporate membership category so that a number of people from Business Link could attend to interact with the other members and perhaps each would bring a slightly different approach?

A corporate membership may also appeal to support organisations such as Banks, Solicitors and Accountants, if you want that sort of presence at your meetings.” Phil Edmonds, Business Support Adviser at Business Link East Midlands 

Fun, friendly, informal yet productive – The Creativity and Sense Business Networking Events are great! It was good to meet other entrepreneurs and get business referrals. I will certainly return again. Kim Ainge – My Little Wrapper Inc.,

I’ve never been a member of a business network before, so I didn’t know what to expect when I first visited The Creativity and Sense Network. However, I hoped that I’d meet other business professionals who would be willing to exchange ideas and practical tips.

I also hoped that I’d find people with products or services that I could introduce to my existing clients and that I might present my business services to others in the group. I’m pleased to say that I haven’t been disappointed! I am also confident that other professionals can benefit from The Creativity and Sense Network. Alex Jordan – Independent Financial Adviser, Northants Mortgages

I recently wrote a book but was reluctant to send it to an editor because I was afraid of getting critiqued. After working through your book (titled ‘Creativity and Sense’), I had a renewed confidence about my publishing plans and resolved to get my work edited. Your book is very easy to read and follows logically.

I know that I will think about the concepts over and over again and hope that I can follow in your footsteps! Betty Owen – member National Association of Women Writers, USA    

Hi Ogo, I thought I would just drop you a quick message to congratulate you on your event last night. It was very enlightening and much to take on board. Anyway here is a link to my website below, so if you ever need any help with anything at all… please just ask. It would be a privilege! Good luck, I’m sure you will go far! Val Adaway – Balmoral Elite Enterprises UK 

What a great event; very well done. It had the three ‘I’s: Interest, Information and Inspiration. John Haslam – 4 Networking, Northamptonshire 

Congratulations on your ‘Empowered to Connect’ Business Event. The hard work and enthusiasm put in by yourself and supporting team was very much in evidence. Well done to you all! Anthea Samson – Director at Vision Lifestyle Ltd.

Many congratulations on your huge success!!! It was a tremendous evening of inspiration and common sense ideas all very well executed! Thank you for letting me take part in it and I very much look forward to the next one! Michelle De Fusco – Sales Director at Mary Kay 

Your website is very interesting! I aspire to run my business on a full time basis and I shall keep reading your newsletter and blog for helpful ideas! Amanda Daniels – Creative Director at Koogar 

Good Newsletter Ogo!! Very interesting and readable!! Loretta Agates MAR IIHHT MICHT T.A.Th – Director at Agate Therapies 

Ogo is a warm and genuine person to get to know. A lady who will succeed for sure. Nice to be in touch, Ogo. I wish you all the best. Dr.Larisa Varenikova – Director at Dr.Varenikova Executive Search 


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