A versatile writer who’s committed to creatively inspiring excellence, Ọgọ’s mission and message speak to people from all walks of life in a visionary way.” 

Ọgọ draws both inspiration and insight from her wealth of experience, failures, successes, influential relationships and cutting edge research in order to share her dynamic vision of leadership, creativity, innovation, enterprise, life, love and faith with a diverse global audience. As an author, gifted communicator, committed trainer, coach and consultant, Ọgọ brings enormous enthusiasm and energy to her presentations. She has delivered powerful messages to thousands of people globally – from entrepreneurs to corporate professionals, from ethnic minority communities to women’s groups – and is available to speak at conferences, corporations, associations, public seminars and business events.

“Brilliantly put together…”
“I thought the whole seminar was excellent from start to finish – well thought out and brilliantly put together. Your talk was very good indeed. You made many great points and gave the audience so much value. There just aren’t enough Ọgọs in this world, it’d be a much better place if there were…” Mike Skidmore – Marketing and Brand Strategist for: The British Council, United Nations, Unilever, University of Northampton Business School and Cranfield University Business School

Sample Speaking Topics: 

I. STAND OUT… with Creativity and Sense! 

Would you like to discover STAND OUT strategies that can radically up-level your personal, team and marketplace leadership? Do you want to live life and do business with an ‘unfair advantage’? This flag-ship talk is just what you need!

II. INSPIRE… with Creativity and Sense! 

Top 10 Personalities in Leadership and what we can learn from them!  This popular talk has been known to sell-out seminar seats. Contact us to find out how you can bring it to your event right now!

III. Show Don’t Tell – How to  Lead with Creativity and Sense! 

Writing can be a lonely discipline. But it also forces individuals to confront their greatest fears and overcome their weaknesses. Effective Leadership begins with the individual and this unique talk inspires and empowers current and aspiring leaders based on universal lessons drawn from the literary discipline. Unmissable!

IV. UNDAUNTED – Success Strategies for Creative Thinkers and Leaders! 

Have you ever wondered why some people weather the storms of life whilst others simply throw in the towel? Learn how to conquer your obstacles by developing an inner confidence that inspires you and influences others too. This short talk can be customised to suit a range of professional individuals, organisations and communities at the cusp of change. Highly recommended!

V. Inspiring Women in Business! 

Every Woman is a Business Woman. This empowering talk celebrates a selection of inspiring women in business and demonstrates how, now more than ever, women can stop banging their heads against organisational glass ceilings by choosing to design businesses that honour their purpose, values, family commitments and personal style. This talk is a tasteful treat for women in business and aspiring business women too!

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