Ogo Ogbata, founder and director of training, coaching and consulting company Creativity and Sense Ltd., will be delivering inspiring business seminars at ‘Business 2012’ – hailed the UK’s most ambitious business event by industry veterans. Business 2012 which features eminent key note speakers such as Richard Branson, Alan Sugar and Cherie Blair to mention but a few, takes place at the O2 Arena in London from 9am to 5pm March 18th to 20th 2012 providing expert help and advice for start-up, SME and mid-market companies in Britain.

With about 15,000 new businesses registered each month in the UK and multitudes seeking alternative sources of income given the shaky employment market, the ‘free entry’ Business 2012 event is well timed and placed to inspire the next dimension in entrepreneurship. Shirking the concept of soulless stands, over 200 exhibitors, workshops and seminars will be on hand to actively engage with visitors providing enormous networking and learning opportunities over the exciting three day duration. Event sponsors include companies like Blackberry, Microsoft and Regus.

Ogo will be delivering her flagship seminar titled ‘INSPIRE… with Creativity and Sense!’ in Seminar Hall 10 as well as various interactive ‘mini training sessions’ at business zone F26 (adjacent to Google). ‘INSPIRE… with Creativity and Sense!’ is based on the premise that cut-throat competitors can copy your product, price or website, but they can’t copy YOU.

The world is changing and inspiration is at the heart of business today as not many of us want to do business with uninspiring people or companies. This interactive 30 minute seminar promises to help business people to discover the unique talents and assets that set them apart from their competitors. It then goes on to offer simple, practical and proven strategies guaranteed to help today’s business owners connect powerfully with their audience and influence more people to quickly and happily step forward to do business with them.

‘INSPIRE… with Creativity and Sense!’ is particularly suited to consultants, coaches, trainers and service providers who want to grow their businesses quickly and flexibly with little or no marketing budget. Professionals who put a lot of hardwork into presenting or exhibiting at conferences, yet struggle to get people to work with them will find this seminar useful as will change agents who need to attract new supporters for their cause. Entrepreneurs who want to sell more higher-priced products with less quibbling and those in crowded or competitive markets are also encouraged to attend.

“Business 2012 promises to be an exciting and educative event.” Says Ogo. “In these challenging times, creativity is the real currency of business and with thousands of people and businesses congregating, inspiration will be there for the taking. Personally, I can’t wait to see what I’m going to learn both from veterans and new-comers alike and look forward to meeting everyone.”

To save your seat at her Business 2012 seminar, please go to: www.business2012/inspire

Interactive ‘mini training’ and ‘strategy sessions’ hold at business zone F26 (adjacent to Google). Register at the Business 2012 event in London.


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Ogo Ogbata is a writer, teacher, innovator and strategist.


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