A lot of people are not necessarily motivated by money. However, if you’re in business, this can feel conflicting. 

Some of the questions I hear a lot are: “Is it okay to focus on making money?” and “How else can people make money without focusing on it?”

My understanding of the matter can be summed up in these words “Perfect love casts out fear…”  

So, what does that mean?

Well, if we can truly get to the place of perfect love in serving others, we would have no fear that repels money (or any other reward for our service) because fear thrives when we focus on self.

I’ll break this down.

Perfect love for service inspires us to get out there and try again no matter how often we fall flat on our faces.

Perfect love for serving others also inspires us to get the skills we need in order to properly communicate the value of what we do.

It takes humility to serve and give, but it also takes great humility to receive (which is what happens when we get paid).

Oftentimes, when we shy away from marketing, selling and receiving compensation for what we do, we are walking in fear – not love.

The people who command a lot of remuneration can do so because they have figured out great ways to communicate the exceptional value they provide whilst structuring an offer that also allows them to receive.

This takes both courage and humility.

Personally, I find it very hard to ‘focus’ on money.

Don’t get me wrong, you can also become successful in this world by focusing on money, but often this comes at great cost: burn out, break downs and all what not…

The sustainable alternative is to focus on people, get wisdom and walk boldly in love. Faith without works is dead.

Do what you love and the money will follow?

I used to think that was such a misleading title for a book because just because you do what you love doesn’t mean that money will automatically follow.

Then one day I had an AHA moment.

Again, if we really love what we ‘do’ i.e. serving others, then we would not be afraid to improve the skills that would enable us to serve better and to receive abundantly the rewards for our service.

With the rewards of our service, we can then re-invest in the cause and keep the lights on.

As for passionate entrepreneurs who get burn out, is this really due to ‘love’ or due to the fear of saying no to people and opportunities?

Love is truthful, firm but fair. There is a huge difference between being ‘nice’ and being kind.

If you love the people you serve, then you would balance things out so that you can stay healthy and well enough to keep on serving them.

What do you think?

The Editor

Ogo Ogbata is a writer, teacher, innovator and strategist.


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