Next time you’re on a train travelling economy, take a look at the people around you.

These are the ‘ordinary’ but broke and powerless people.

They have (say) a couple of hours on that train.

What are they doing? Well just watch, listen and learn. Two hours is enough to come up with a super winning idea; or plan how to double your salary; or work out where you really want to live or what you really want to achieve.

Instead, what are they doing? You know the answer.

Staring mindlessly out of the window; reading a trivial ‘comic’ (e.g. a tabloid, woman’s gossip magazine, a cheap novel etc.) chatting for hour after hour about nothing; listening to mind-numbing music; playing a computer game; eating – then eating again before going to the bar for a can of Stella – then going for another – then going for a coffee – then going for a snack.

You get the idea.

These same people, if questioned, would say:

“It isn’t fair! The rich get all the breaks and I get none. How come I never get any good luck?”

Now wander through first class and linger there a while.

In general, you will see people actively engaged in creating wealth.

They are on their laptops (few laptops in standard class – many copies of The Sun, The Mirror or The Mail); they are engaged in meaningful discussions about business.

They are reading financial newspapers or motivational books, or reports. Not all of course, but I challenge you to do this exercise and be astonished at the difference.

Look, you know I’m not saying you have to be a money- making machine, driven 24/7 and that you can never enjoy a train journey with your kids where you talk about football or whatever.

I’m talking success habits.

I’m talking in general.

And in general, the broke and powerless waste vast swathes of time; and in general, the wealthy and successful waste little time.

If I could urge you to pick up one success habit it would be that one – waste no time. Then you’d get to travel first class wherever you go.


This article is courtesy of ‘The Money Tree’ Newsletter

The Editor

Ogo Ogbata is a writer, teacher, innovator and strategist.


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