how to set goals and achieve themIt’s that time of the year when many people are thinking about how to set goals and achieve them. And why not? Afterall, in order to make headway in life (and in business), one must have the ability to repeatedly set and achieve goals. However, even with the best intentions, we don’t always accomplish the goals we set. This can lead to feelings of frustration, shame, helplessness and discouragement. Poor goal setting can also lead to loss of income, opportunity and credibility too. So if you would like to accomplish more of your goals, make sure they have got the following qualities:

1. Specific – For instance, rather than saying ‘I would like to improve my business’, define what aspects of your business you would like to improve. E.g. ‘I would like to improve sales and customer service’. This is a really great place to start if you want to set goals and achieve them.

2. Realistic – We tend to get confused when we try to do too much too soon. Make your goal setting realistic. For instance, could you really turn over £1,000,000 within 12 months of starting up a business? A good deal of common sense may be needed if you want to set goals and achieve them.

3. Challenging – Being realistic should not be confused with lack of ambition, though. If your goal isn’t challenging enough, chances are you won’t be bothered to apply yourself to it.

4. Meaningful – Goals that get met are normally meaningful ones. E.g. Increasing profit in order to be able to look after the people we love or give back to the community. The deeper and nobler the meaning, the more power it has to inspire us. No wonder most reality show contestants want to win it for their mothers!

5. Beneficial – When you set goals, try and think of (or even write down) the benefits you stand to gain from achieving those goals. Will you make more money? Get a new computer? Be able to afford your dream wedding? Save more time? Impress the right people? Feel happier inside? Try to figure out what’s in it for you. Be honest with yourself as focusing on false motives may get you nowhere.

6. Measurable – Ah yes, goals have got to be measurable. If you can’t measure the results then how will you know how well you’ve done with your goal setting? The ability to measure goals enhances confidence and performance. For example, if you aspire to increase your client base by 100 customers over the next 5 months, you would be able to monitor your progress on a monthly basis and intensify efforts when and where necessary. If your goal isn’t measurable you would have to rely on ‘feelings’ of accomplishment alone and feelings, as we know, can be deceptive.

7. Interesting – Does anyone ever feel motivated about scrubbing the kitchen floor? Yes, it’s a task many of us have to do but generally we prefer to work at tasks we find interesting. If you’re struggling to do book-keeping, tax returns, cold calling or anything else you absolutely dread, think of ways that you can make those tasks a bit more enjoyable or better still, delegate them to people who prefer to do them.

8. Personal – Often we’re subconsciously trying to achieve someone else’s goals. In order to commit 100%, your goals must be yours. Sure, your actions will always have an impact on others, but why pretend you’re fighting your own battle when you’re actually fighting someone else’s war?

9. Clear – Worthy goals are clear goals. First understand what you’re trying to achieve before you get going.

10. Purposeful – Achievable goals are nearly always part of a bigger picture. For instance we eat good food because we want a healthier life not just because healthy food tastes nice (a lot of times healthy food doesn’t really taste nice, to be honest). In the same vein, our business objectives should reflect personal values and life goals to some extent.

So, that’s it, 10 things to consider whilst setting your life and business goals.

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