An inspirational albeit heart-wrenching literary novel chronicling Nigeria’s turbulent history and Independence from British rule has been published in commemoration of Nigeria’s Independence Day Anniversary and Black History Month.

Egg-Larva-Pupa-Woman - A story of love, courage and honour...

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The 336 page suspense novel which goes by the title ‘Egg-Larva-Pupa-Woman’ (Priceless Books; ISBN 978-0-9560142-6-9; £9.99) is the literary fiction debut of Nigerian-born author – Ogo Akubue-Ogbata.

Egg-Larva-Pupa-Woman tells the story of two remarkable personalities who vivaciously defy all odds: Nkiru (a privileged young girl who is forced to learn the art of survival after tragedy strikes) and Nigeria (Black Africa’s most populous and controversial country). The story kicks off in the early 1950s when two orphan sisters are separated against their wish because their aunt cannot afford to feed two mouths. The first sister is weak and wilts but the protagonist, Nkiru, digs deep and keeps on walking.

In the wake of her country’s independence from British rule, Nkiru meets an aspiring diplomat with radical political views and hopes that love will put her life back on course. However, love only complicates things. Her new husband asks for more than she knows how to give and the past is filled with shameful secrets that threaten to erupt.

The plot thickens as Nkiru climbs the ladder of life, fearing the sudden loss of all that she has toiled for (her children’s love, her husband’s trust and the successful business she built out of nothing) all because of a single fatal mistake. Meanwhile, Nigeria descends further into conflict and corruption as a single foundational flaw leads to a brutal war and lingering mistrust. Eventually Nkiru finds the courage to confront the past and seek forgiveness for an unpardonable sin. This is the only path to peace – both for Nkiru and the motherland, Nigeria and Africa.

“Egg-Larva-Pupa-Woman is unique because it speaks to the collective yearning of the Afro-Carribean community yet tackles universal themes like love, loss, forgiveness, entrepreneurship and womanhood, reminding people of all races that they too can defy the odds with faith and inspired action.”

“Historically, Nigeria is famous for great literary fiction however, many Nigerian novels have mainly got a tribal agenda.” Says author, Akubue-Ogbata. “Egg-Larva-Pupa-Woman is unique because it speaks to the collective yearning of the Nigerian people, in essence the African people, yet tackles universal themes like entrepreneurship also.

There has been a lack of strong women characters in African literary fiction of late, so I was inspired to create a character who’s not only beautiful but also a woman of substance – defying all odds economically, emotionally and socially. Egg-Larva-Pupa-Woman is thought provoking, inspirational and aspirational.”

About the Author:

Ogo Akubue-Ogbata is a multi-talented writer, speaker and creative consultant who is very passionate about helping individuals, businesses and communities to distinguish themselves, inspire their audience as well as maximise performance and impact. She manages an enterprise network for inspiring people who want to start, run and grow their own business. Please see synopsis, chapter excerpts, author interview and video clip at::

Egg-Larva-Pupa-Woman is currently available via the author’s website as well as leading online bookstores like amazon, barnesandnoble and WHSmith.

Ogo Akubue-Ogbata
Priceless Books
Literary Fiction: £9.99 UK; ISBN 978-0-9560142-6-9
On sale from October 1st, 2009



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Ogo Ogbata is a writer, teacher, innovator and strategist.

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