Top Tips for Inspiring Creativity in Business!


Almost everyone I know would like to manage time better. It is a lifelong learning. The first step to effective time management is to first find out how you’re currently spending your time. On a notepad chart your activities over the last 7 days and decide for yourself if your time was spent wisely or not. If it wasn’t, write down exactly what you hope to achieve through better time management (e.g. the ability to carve out 2 extra hours per week to spend with your family or maybe on a creative pastime). Resolve to make the necessary changes. Don’t try to achieve too much in one day only to fail and feel saddened by your incompetence. Pace yourself! It’s about time too.


What are your thoughts about creativity in business? What creative insights have worked well for you and your team so far? Please share them in the comments box so that more people can create change in their lives and businesses.


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