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Have you ever wondered why some business people lead successfully as individuals, in their teams and in today’s competitive marketplace? Are you fed up with ‘business as usual’ and ready to create more income and freedom right now? Would you like to take a day out of your business in order to tap into the collective wisdom of people who have achieved success in their own right (so that you can walk away with practical and tactical strategies that fire you up to create a bigger impact)?

When I started my own business several years ago, I struggled as most people do. Then I finally figured out ONE thing which has made a huge difference. The one thing? Inspired leadership! According to Forbes; “When people are inspired by a business, 81% will recommend it to family and friends and 55% will spend more money with it!” However, the problem is that we live in very shaky times! Plus creating a profitable business in a way that inspires others is a lot harder than many people think.

So I searched far and wide for people who demonstrate this quality in their own lives – bringing value to others and creating innovative solutions in the marketplace. I searched, not necessarily for celebrities, but for authentic people with stories you can relate with and practical insights straight from the trenches. I searched… and as I finally found these people, created a UNIQUE Event that would bring them all together under one roof.

Whether you are new in business or have decades under your belt, there is always something to be learned. Inspiration is the catalyst for creativity and productivity… Like the African saying goes; “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far? Go together.”

Tomorrow is not promised and the time is now. If you are tired of doing business the harder way or simply want to lead with influence and grow your profits, find out more!




Kicking off from my neck of the woods, you’ll meet Dianna Bonner who left her job at the International Tennis Federation to follow a childhood passion for photography. Come and hear how, despite numerous challenges, she was able to leverage authenticity and a strong personal brand to turn her passion into a home-based photography business (serving business moguls like Richard Branson, James Caan, Jamie Oliver, Karren Brady, members of the British Royal Family and blue chip companies too numerous to list here).

Dianna will share how to leverage a strong personal brand and top-class photography to double your profits in any economy! Don’t miss the opportunity to get ‘super profile shots’ taken by Dianna at rock-bottom prices too.

Our special guest is none other than Andrew Loake – MD of Loake Shoemakers (pioneer member of the Northampton Chamber of Commerce). When your business has produced over 50 million pairs of bespoke shoes for over 130 years and built a multi-million global brand with customers in 50+ countries (way before the internet was invented), you have earned your place in our hall of fame. I first got to know about Loake after I noticed that my husband bought all of his work shoes there because “they look great and take the pounding!”Come and hear Andrew share this story of heritage and what it takes to build a wildly profitable global business in any economy.

You will also hear from Rob Goddard who went from near suicide in Dubai after he lost it all to building a business that turns over £1.5million. Rob will share how to build a business you can sell for 7 figures. He sells businesses for a living so don’t miss this one!

Don’t miss my presentation – “Business Un-Boxed: 5 Creative Ways To 10x Your Hourly Rate, Leverage Your Team and Make A Bigger Impact!” 

Exclusively in London, I’ll present to you; The Zero To Hero Chronicles: a series of conversations with remarkable individuals who have defied the odds to create profitable businesses. You’ll hear from Steve Evans, who was born blind, pushed to the wall when the recent recession crippled his piano tuning business and yet was able to reinvent himself as a property investor with a portfolio now worth over a million pounds. Steve will share how to leverage property investment to create passive income in any economy.

You will hear from Minda Jonuskis – the man who couldn’t speak English, came to the UK a few years ago with only £100 in his pocket and soon built MJ Exhibitions – a successful business which now employs 18 staff. Minda will share how to leverage business exhibitions to lead with influence and double your profits in any economy.

You will hear from Rob Goddard who went from near suicide in Dubai after he lost it all to building a business that turns over £1.5million. Rob will spill the beans on how to build a business you can sell for 7 figures. He sells businesses for a living so don’t miss this one!

And we can’t wait for you to meet AnYes Van Rhijn who reinvented her life at the age of 58 after relocating from France – pet-sitting for weeks to keep a roof over her head. AnYes will talk to us about how to lead with influence as a woman in business and double your profits in any economy.

Don’t miss the sponsored workshop by Rob Tyson – founder of The Tyson Report – an online and direct marketing company. Rob, helped launch a 3 person home-based startup which reached sales of around £5 million in 5 years and attained a listing on the London Stock Market. He also raised £15m directly from private investors with no track record. Rob will share how to leverage digital marketing and strategic pricing to lead with influence and triple your profits!

These inspiring leaders (and other surprise guest experts) will share the inspirational, the practical and the tactical so that you too can lead in your field and profit in any economy.

At this UNIQUE Event, You Will…

#1. Learn simple, authentic and powerful ways to create more effective leadership – personally, in your team and in the marketplace as well. Whether you are a one-man band for now, just starting to hire or a more established business owner, you will benefit from this event.

#2. Hear from the carefully handpicked speakers on our panel and get answers to your questions live.

#3. Take time out from working in your business so that you can come back recharged and ready to create a bigger impact with your life’s work!

#4. Walk away with practical insights, industry trends/developments plus useful tools and resources. From Content Rich Presentations on the latest marketing techniques to training on essential skills like inspired leadership, creativity and innovation, we’ve got you covered. Learn how to stand out from the crowd, regularly attract dozens of clients and opportunities in any economy and build stable teams that make the dream work!

#5. Meet and mingle with like-minded business owners so that you can create a supportive and collaborative network.

#6. Receive spotlight coaching and practical feedback.

#7. Win fantastic gifts from some of our sponsors. Get autographed copies of books at special launch prices with part proceeds going to select charities.

#8. Join us as we launch ‘The Inspired Leadership Award!’

Plus so much more…

Come and hear the carefully selected speakers share their personal stories and powerful insights. Come and network with like-minded people so that you can ‘connect to innovate’. Come with your questions and join the candid conversations. We look forward to serving and supporting you!

Find out more and snap up your early bird tickets to The Inspire in Business Event! 



Thanks so much for reading and sharing our content!

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