Heads up, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, creatives and experts. Your business profile matters. Period. If you spend thousands of pounds on marketing, business networking, social media campaigns and all what not, yet your business profile is not credible and compelling, you are silently sabotaging your best efforts and pouring time and money down the drain.

Whether people find you via an organic google search or simply check up on you online (after a face to face meeting), they are judging you every single day by your business profile (or lack of it). Be it a profile on your website, a LinkedIn business profile or even a Facebook business profile, it needs to INSPIRE ideal clients, partners, helpers, event organisers/attendees and even the media to confidently take the next step to doing business with you.

But let’s face it, getting people in the business world to know, like and trust you is pretty tough nowadays. A solid business profile can shape people’s perception of your person, business and brand. It is supposed to do the ‘heavy lifting marketing’ around the clock for you. However, there are certain common mistakes that can render your business profile ineffective. If you would like to save yourself money, time, opportunity and credibility, read on to find out what these ‘profile killing’ mistakes are so that you can remedy them fast.

1. Playing ‘hard to get’:

You’ve probably been on the receiving end of this one before. You go out business networking and meet people that you could potentially work with. They look pleasant and credible enough but when you get back to base and do a quick ‘google check’, you discover that they no longer exist. That’s right. They haven’t got a website or a blog, haven’t even got a simple business profile on free platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook. So naturally you get suspicious, then worried, then tired of trawling the internet for traces of them. So, what do you do? More often than not, you give up and take your business and interest somewhere else.

But how about you? Are you visible enough to your potential clients, partners and helpers? Have you got a business profile online at all and have you got one that’s easy enough to find? How much is one quality client or business contact worth to you over the course of a year – £1,500 or even £5,000 perhaps? Well, if you failed to win just one or two of such potential clients each and every month just because they could neither find nor validate you online, then how much income would you lose over a 12 month period? Depending on what you charge for your products and services, this could easily be £18,000 or more. You do the maths.

2. Playing ‘hide and seek’:

Let’s assume this time around, that you’ve met someone you could potentially do business with and fortunately enough he or she actually has a business profile online. You sigh with relief, excited by the prospect of getting to know a bit more about this person that you are just about to trust with your life or business concerns.

However, upon closer inspection, you discover that something is not quite right. Although this person’s business profile advertises his or her brand, academic qualifications and practical experience, you don’t feel like you know, like and trust this person at all. You may even feel a little bit alienated by their unending string of awards and accomplishments. So, again, what do you do? Probably pick up the phone and ask your friends to refer someone approachable whom they already like and trust to you.

You see, the problem here is that most business people do not really like to talk about themselves or share their personality on a business profile and yet this is one of the most essential things you need to do in order to stand out from your competition, connect with your audience and attract ideal clients, partners and helpers to you.

The truth is that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. And whatever the nature of your industry or niche, the reality is that ‘people buy people’ and you must get your audience to know, like and trust you before they can do business with you. Having said that, many business people in their bid to share their personal side or ‘tell their story’ tend to overdo things with disastrous results. There really is an art and science to figuring out how much to share and how to share it – in order to attract your ideal audience rather than send them running for the hills.

3. Playing Games. Fullstop:

You know that any business person you could potentially hire to help you get the job done is definitely playing games when his or her business profile fails to establish credibility instantly. Let’s face it, you are most likely checking out that person’s business profile, not because you want to be entertained, but because you want specific solutions to your problems. Before you proceed further, you expect this business profile to prove that this person is ‘qualified’ to help you.

But, how about you? Does your business profile demonstrate your credibility or is it secretly portraying you as an amateur? For example, I recently referred a consultant to a colleague who needed help with her business. The consultant was meant to telephone my colleague, but whilst waiting for the phone call, the latter searched for the consultant online and on getting to her website, a few ‘profile killing’ errors got her confused about the credibility of the person I had referred to her. She quickly returned to me with expressions of concern and I did my best to allay those fears. Sadly, although this consultant ‘knows her stuff’, her business profile gave the wrong impression and made me look silly for recommending her.

If you’re a public speaker, a solid profile is essential if you’re serious about getting those speaking engagements. Perhaps you are not a full time speaker per se but would like to use public speaking to get more high paying clients? Well, several colleagues who organise series of business events constantly tell me that one of their biggest problems is finding speakers who have the right information ready. Having organised several events over the years and interacted with tons of people who do the same, it is evident that speaker profiles greatly influence who gets picked to speak on the best platforms and who gets totally ignored. Is your profile up to scratch or is it quietly letting you down?

4. Rambling On. Non-Stop:

The lack of a clear and concise message on your business profile is definitely another big fat mistake. Remember that you’re not an entertainer. Your main goal is to communicate exactly what you do, where you do it, who you do it for, how you do it, why you’re doing it and when you do it.

For example, “I help creatives and service-based business owners distinguish themselves from the competition, communicate their value and achieve their growth goals. I work with business owners globally offering bespoke workshops and seminars, from my base in the UK, as well as value packed online masterclasses…” I could go on but you get the picture. You need to make it so clear what you do that your target audience knows right away that they should be working with you.

There are 3 key steps you need to take in the right sequence if you really want to make this happen and I go into more detail about that with my clients.

5. Closed Calling:

What specific action or series of key action steps do you want the visitors to your business profile to take? You need to get this right because the lack of a clear ‘call to action’ is always a killer. Do you want visitors to your business profile to pick up the phone and ring you? Do you want them to send you an email or visit a designated page on your website? Or, you might even want them to book a free consultation, hire you to speak at a business event or sign up to your free newsletter?

The choice is yours but you need to guide your visitor all the way or else they are sure to get distracted. As a rule of thumb, do not try to get your profile visitors to take more than a couple defined steps at a time. And don’t be ‘cold’. Communicate, with excitement, the benefits of what you’re asking them to do!

6. Careless Capture:

And last but certainly not least, failure to set up an automated lead generation system on your business profile is one mistake that can cost you money, time, opportunity and credibility. For instance, by offering visitors to your business profile a free gift in exchange for their contact details, you could build yourself a list of highly targeted prospects that you can serve and profit from over a period of time.

Having a targeted list of subscribers definitely increases your credibility because the bigger and more responsive that list is, the more you’ll be able to influence people with your positive message and persuade other business owners to partner with you on the projects and causes that are vital to your success.

So, there you have it: the six big mistakes most people make on a business profile. Have you got a business profile already and is it getting you the right results? If you don’t receive business enquiries from people you’ve never met or chased about, then your profile may need some tweaking. Perhaps you thought that business and speaker profiles are only needed by big companies and celebrity speakers but in today’s digital age, businesses and speakers of all types and sizes are using simple online profiles to attract the right clients, partners and helpers around the clock.

Don’t spend thousands of pounds on marketing, business networking, social media campaigns and all what not, only to sabotage your best efforts and confuse your target audience no end with profiles that are neither credible nor compelling. Take some time to think about these simple strategies, apply them right away and THRIVE.

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