I have always been fascinated by stories and as a child read nearly every one I could find. Talking elephants were intriguing, lions impressive, the tortoise was amusing and Anansi the spider trapped me in its web. But it was the stories about giants I loved best…

For some reason I found larger than life personalities compelling: large feet stomping down city landmarks like twigs, large hands lifting normal sized men up to eye level as their miny mouths screamed wind. It was all so exciting. Lying in bed waiting for sleep to swoop, I sometimes wished that I were an enormous being too.

I have since learnt that giants are creatures of perspective and that even ‘the ordinary’ can loom larger than the mediocre. Giants have moments of weakness: they fear (when confronted by other giants or outnumbered by far too many tiny people), they feel lost, uncertain, tangled up at times in webs of their own making.

Sometimes out of sheer exhaustion, fear, or perhaps ignorance of their own strength, they can fall asleep – the kind of sleep that makes an enemy sneer and turns an optimist into a pessimist. However, sleep is not the end. Sleep is softer than death, smoother around the edges. Ultimately, no self-respecting ‘giant’ will lay low forever.

Older (and wiser allegedly) I now realise that there was no need for the wish – I did not need to become a giant because I was already one… Likewise you were born to stand tall; born to leave your imprint on the world. If you could only realise your potential and inspire others to do the same, progress can be attained.

Our world sleeps because individually we sleep; our nation groans because when we see wrong we do not speak, after we speak we do not act and after we act we do not reconsider. Where there is weakness in our lives, it is often because we are ignorant of our own strength.

Stop following the path of least resistance; dig up the dreams you have buried for so long. If we cry out in one voice and prance to the sane beat; our obstacles (imagined and real) will be crushed by truth. There is pleasure in sleep but to everything there is a time and a season.

The time has come, not to stir and roll over; not to dribble at the mouth and babble incoherently, but to stand up strong and walk boldly into the arms of destiny.

The Editor

Ogo Ogbata is a writer, teacher, innovator and strategist.


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