In Summary

Ọgọ Ogbata (pronounced ‘or-gore or-gbata’) is a Writer, Public Speaker, Creative and Strategic Consultant. 

Ọgọ empowers Leadership and Business Development for forward-thinking Experts, Leaders and Business Owners in the Creative and Service industries. Her unique 3D60 approach applies Creative, Out of The Box, Thinking, across the range in order to build better personal development, leadership, teams, processes, solutions, brands, strategies, communities and ultimately results – both locally and globally.  

Get Intelligent Solutions!Author of a historical novel, a business book and articles in top media publications (like The Independent Blog, Training Journal, Better Business Focus and Talent Engagement Review – to mention a few), she has been featured as a guest expert on various BBC World Service programmes as well as speaking at a live seminar at Bush House, The Strand – London (alongside other analysts and leaders). 

Ọgọ facilitates leadership and business development for those who already have practical experience in their field and a desire to leverage existing resources (without the pain and cost of unnecessary trial and error). Passionate about creating Intelligent Mindset, Authentic Frameworks, as well as Content, Strategy and Systems that sustain results, she deploys a straight-talking approach and encourages people to consider new ways to solve problems.

She lives in England with her husband (a commercial litigation solicitor) and also enjoys reading, cooking, global travel and thought-provoking discussions with the discerningly curious. 

Listed as one of the faces of modern Africa by The Independent on Sunday, Ọgọ strongly believes creativity to be the most vital ingredient for maximising leadership potential both personally and professionally.

A graduate of Computer Science, she is a certified Business Mentor by the award-winning University of Northampton Business School, and The Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs in England (as a founding member). Harnessing digital technology to work with experts and change makers globally, her clients benefit immensely from her dynamic training and consulting as well as innovative solutions. 

Her daily inspiration? People everywhere who live and work with passion, purpose, creativity and sense!  

“From Bookworm to Business Woman!” 

I’m Ọgọ (pronounced ‘or-gore’) and when I discovered writing talent from age 4, imagined that I was going to spend my entire adult life waxing poetry on the mountains. Other pastimes included water colour painting, craft making and assembling my own newspapers and magazines. That said, I was also an out of the box thinker, insatiably curious and keen to do things in a unique way. 

Thanks to reality (and my very practical parents), I soon set off for University in my teens to earn a degree in Computer Science. My dear father was convinced at the time that computers would change the world and thought for some reason I should be a part of that revolution. 

After graduation, I published my first book (a poetry anthology) but still didn’t know what I was supposed to be doing as a ‘proper job’. So like most sensible people, I ventured into the corporate world – but quickly learnt that I was an entrepreneur at heart and that my creative skills were very valuable to professionals, businesses and communities globally. 

However, the big problem was that I still didn’t know how to turn this amazing possibility into a viable reality. In other words, how creativity could pay the bills. 

The Journey

The light bulb came on when I attended a corporate training course at the financial organisation I worked for at the time. The trainers were dynamic, creative and so happy at work! I was thoroughly inspired and knew that I had found my ‘dream job’.

Mind you, my mother had been a mathematics teacher and writers are teachers in essence so this was not out of character for me. My father, after serving as divisional manager at a multi-national oil company, had also run several businesses.

So my own journey into the cut throat world of business began. It was exciting – yet terrifying. I had imagined it would be easy but quickly found out that I had to learn tons of new skills. Fortunately I also discovered talents that I never knew I had. 

The biggest challenge was trying to do everything at the same time and resisting the urge to do it all myself. My mindset about certain things also needed changing. The ‘big aha’ occurred when I saw that when I inspired people (especially by sharing knowledge), it became so much easier to attract clients and opportunities. As the top 3 ways people described me at the time were: inspirational, passionate and creative, I instinctively knew that this would form my brand identity. 

Entrepreneurship became so much simpler when I saw it as essentially the communication of ideas. Just like writers have to grab the reader’s attention from the very first few words and sustain that interest until the end, businesses today have no other choice but to stand out in the marketplace by inspiring their audience to Know, Like, Trust and Engage

As readers remain loyal to those who have inspired them, inspiring brands and businesses are far more likely to attract and retain the right clients and partners too. This insight has helped me (and my clients) to focus on the essentials – relationship building, inspiring education and value provision. With the right foundation and an appreciative audience, the opportunities are endless…  

10 Things About Me: 

#1. I’m of Igbo origin #2. Have worked as a freelance newspaper columnist and as a marketing executive for a multi-national company. #3. Married my best friend on the entire planet! #4. Enjoy singing and can write songs. #5. My favourite colour is purple. #6. I am nearly six feet tall. #7. I have travelled or lived in three of the world’s continents. #8. I’m a teetotaller. #9. Wish that I could speak more languages. #10. I am an introvert – although a natural public speaker and not shy at all!  

Creativity and Sense: 

I draw inspiration and insight from life, my faith in Christ, people and problems. In my view, creativity and business sense must go hand in hand in order for today’s professionals and entrepreneurs to fulfill their mission and leadership potential. In challenging times only the innovative survive. It is this belief that has inspired the business name ‘Creativity and Sense!’

What People Say… 

Energy, Focus and Absolute Commitment…

“Having spoken at another of Ogo’s recent events, I am once again astounded at this lady’s energy, focus and absolute commitment to making a real difference to the causes and communities she supports. Ogo is an author of renown, consultant and public speaker, all of which she combines very skillfully to great effect. Her audiences have great affection for her, they respect her dedication and are motivated by her wise words. As am I.

I believe that everyone who knows Ogo counts themselves fortunate to be her friend. If anyone out there is interested in the areas that she covers – buy her books, join her talks or commission her services, you won’t regret it.” Mike Skidmore – Speaker and Brand Consultant for The British Council, United Nations, Unilever, Cranfield University Business School and The Chartered Institute of Marketing @ 

Creative, Passionate and Uplifting… 

“Passionate and uplifting are two words that come to mind when thinking of Ogo Ogbata. Ogo is a multi-talented and creative woman who inspires everyone she comes in contact with to deliver excellence.

An inspiring speaker and prolific writer, Ogo keeps her audience on the edge of their seats. Whether engaging her on a consultancy or a speaking engagement, one thing is clear, you will not be disappointed.” Chioma Isiadinso – CEO of EXPARTUS, former Board Member at Harvard University and Author of ‘The Best Business Schools’ Admissions Secrets’ @ 

Intelligent Solutions: 

Many people are conflicted about their multiple talents and terrified of being different but therein lies the keys to success (however you define it). Find out how I can help you Stand Out – for all the right reasons.