Are you wasting time and money on activities that do not increase your impact and income? Do you sometimes find that you have spent the whole day on social media with little or nothing to show for it? Do you wish you could even find a way to double your profits in 30 days?  

If so, you are not alone. In this article, I share just some of the mind-set shifts and practical tactics I have used to generate tons of new subscribers, high-end clients and lucrative opportunities using simple, authority positioning, content. 

1. Narrow Your Focus: With dozens of popular digital marketing platforms available and new ones popping up every other day, it is so easy to get distracted. For stellar results, you need to focus when it comes to growing your business using Authority Positioning Content.

If you like to diversify, resolve to generate as much results as possible where you are, before hopping to the next bright shiny platform. Better still, leverage results on one platform to launch your presence elsewhere.

For example, if you have a responsive mailing list of 5,000 subscribers or more, you could drive traffic from there to your business blog or encourage your existing subscribers to interact with your Facebook page (saving you some costs on Facebook advertising campaigns).

What I did? Focused mainly on creating and leveraging 3 main types of Authority Positioning Content: Webinars/Seminars, Expert Articles and Email Content. On Social Media, I kept my eye on no more than 2 to 3 platforms at a time namely: Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

2. Play to Your Strengths: When it comes to creating Authority Positioning Content, authenticity is key! For example, don’t try to video blog on a weekly basis just because everyone else is doing so – especially if you prefer not to be in front of the camera. Yes, videos are gaining popularity but there are still many people who have achieved significant digital marketing success without utilising videos.

If you excel at writing, focus on that and merely supplement it with the less enjoyable methods. It is still possible to build ‘intimacy’ with your audience through the written word. That said, bear in mind how your audience prefers to be communicated to and create a win-win proposition for all concerned.

What I did? Delivered free clarity and strategy sessions to a pre-qualified audience, presented a simple webinar and emailed my database of subscribers about it.

3. Create More Relevant, Helpful and Personal Content: There is no such thing as too much content. Think about it…

There are already millions of books published yet people want to read new books. There is a lot of music available already yet people want their favourite artists to release new material. Why do people buy more and more films or watch so many videos online? The demand for knowledge is insatiable!


Furthermore, content is a vehicle for personal and brand expression. If you don’t stop talking to your friends simply because you spoke to them last month, then why should you stop talking to your clients, prospects and stakeholders? Meaningful communication is the lifeblood of our personal and business relationships.

That said, there is no need to perpetuate empty chatter. To stand out from the crowd, create Authority Positioning Content that is relevant to your audience, solves nagging problems and gives people a little piece of who you are. Be bold, be loud, be serious, be hilarious and most of all, enjoy the journey.

What I did? Carried out market research within relevant groups in order to uncover the pain points in my target audience. Next, I generated innovative ideas as a direct response to these pain points, created a simple service priced at $1,500 and asked my audience for some feedback on it.

As there was instant demand for this service, I opened up my calendar for free exploratory sessions and sales calls. After proving the demand by making the first few sales over the phone, I created and delivered a webinar for a test launch. Then made several more sales using the webinar.

Just 1 sale per week of a $1,500 product or service yields a 5 figure income in 60 days. 2 or more sales per week creates a 5 figure income in 30 days. To double your profits? Double your pricing and number of sales. 

4. Influencer Outreach: Half the battle is creating effective content, the other half is getting your content in front of the right audience. The bigger that ideal audience is, the better. Two powerful and quick ways to reach the masses with your content are via Facebook Advertising and Influencer Outreach.

What I did? Reached out to influential experts in my niche and inspired them to promote my offer to their trusting audience. It wasn’t easy but persistence paid off and the fact that I had an innovative idea with proven demand helped for sure.

The first time I used this strategy, I was amazed to generate over 650 subscribers in 2 days and thousands of dollars worth of sales in 2 weeks (a 300% boost in profits for my new ‘product line’) despite taking imperfect action.

In my upcoming free webinar, I share how a little known service-based company used the same strategies I teach to gross $40,000 of sales per month. Plus how a tech start-up generated 5,000+ subscribers, 535 customer applications and $3,425 of income in just 5 weeks without any paid advertising. The latter company was able to get such great results with a low-priced SaaS offer and others have achieved better returns even with higher priced offers.

5. Co-Create and Cross Promote: Authority Positioning Content is so much easier and fun to create when you do so with like-minded people. Many hands make light work. Could you co-author articles with colleagues? Could you interview someone you admire in your industry and share the conversation with your audience? Could you partner with others to host local workshops or on-line conferences?

What I did? Within the 30 day timeline, I co-hosted a webinar with influencers who promoted my content to their highly engaged audiences. However, this principle works well even without webinars.

For instance, I teach my clients who are not ready to deliver webinars, how to simply use blog posts to attract dream clients and opportunities.

Over the years, I have grabbed the opportunity to co-create high-impact content by interviewing several 6 and 7 figure entrepreneurs (including influencers like Dave Kerpen – CEO of an Inc. 500 company and a super Likeable person).

If you ask nicely, most decent people will support your honest endeavour by promoting the co-created content (on social media at the very least or any other platforms agreed upon) – which means more exposure for you too.

The Inspire in Business Event!

6. Reinvent and Leverage: Most experts and leaders publish content, get a dozen reactions to it on social media (if they are fortunate enough) and move on matter-of-factly to the next content creation task.

On the contrary, I believe in squeezing out the last drop of juice out of everything I do and teach my clients to do the same too. How can you leverage your existing content to increase your impact, income and freedom?

What I did? Improve the successful webinar content and carry on promoting it using social media, paid advertising and various other methods. You don’t necessarily need 5 different webinars. I know of people who earn 6 figures or more each year by promoting a single webinar over and over again.

A few years ago, I hosted a web-based conference which featured a range of seasoned entrepreneurs from across the globe and after it was done, I was left with a ton of valuable content both from ‘celebrity business owners’ and the more silent achievers many in the start-up phase find so relatable.

Rather than bury the archive in the dust, I re-engineered it into expert articles, an evergreen lead generation system and a mid-priced digital product. This translates to continued exposure for the participants and opportunities to get my message out to new audiences.

Yes, it’s important to create new content and engage in the digital conversation but at the end of the day, we all have a finite amount of time so it’s smart to maximise the work you have done in days gone by.

Leverage is also all about maximizing your existing sales opportunities. Do you have products and services people really want to buy? Do your offers convert? Can you offer additional products and services? Can you double or triple your pricing by increasing the perceived value of what you are offering? Think about it. Much easier it is to upgrade your existing customers than to find new ones from scratch.

7. Track, Tweak, Rinse, Repeat: It goes without saying that you need to clearly define your objectives and key performance indicators when it comes to your digital marketing. Set realistic goals, keep an eye on the figures and constantly be on the lookout for ways to improve your results.

What I did? Tracked key metrics such as link clicks (using tools like bitly or pretty link), opt-ins to my subscriber database, sales enquiries, actual sales and of course income generated. Yes, social proof is helpful but at the same time, we need to beware of digital activities that yield more ‘vanity value’ than practical value.

That said, this is not a call to obsess over figures. It is far more beneficial to uncover new platforms and avenues to expose your Authority Positioning Content to people out there who may be searching frantically for the solutions you can bring to their lives and businesses.

In Summary: 

We have examined 7 simple ways to significantly grow your profits in 30 days or less using Authority Positioning Content. In today’s fast-changing digital economy, it’s important to capture the imagination of your audience and maximise your ideas, message and efforts.

However, we all know that simple does not necessarily mean easy. According to research, the common obstacles faced by most business owners when it comes to improving their results are lack of time and detailed know-how.

Thankfully, such obstacles are by no means insurmountable. Discerning experts and leaders will do well to find what works for them and claim their share of the digital market space.

Next Steps: 

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If you enjoyed the article, do pass it on to like-minded people on your social networks. Thank you so much for reading today and best wishes on your entrepreneurial journey!

The Editor

Ogo Ogbata is a writer, teacher, innovator and strategist.


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