In today’s global economy, people in business are spoilt for choice when it comes to attracting the clients and opportunities they need to help them achieve their goals. But too much of a good thing can be a problem. Which is why many business people are getting overwhelmed by chasing after the next bright shiny object. Not to mention finding the time to juggle posting photos on facebook, sending tweets, linking up on LinkedIn, blogging consistently, email marketing, direct marketing, business networking and goodness knows what else.

However, when it comes to attracting the right clients, strategic partners, speaking and media opportunities you need right now in order to achieve your goals, it’s all about picking what works best ‘for you’ and performing those (creative) tasks strategically and consistently. Here are the 3 key methods you should consider building your foundation on, as well as the common challenges associated with these methods and how to overcome them. 

# 1. Physical Attraction It’s true. When all is said and done, nothing really beats getting out there to ‘press flesh’. In other words, physically meeting up with like-minded business people at formal or informal events.

However, one of the main challenges many business people face is lacking the ability to explain what they do in a way that excites them and attracts the right audience. This has nothing to do with how long one has been in business, mind you. There are many seasoned business people who struggle with this and only have a drawer packed full of business cards to show for their efforts.

So strutting your stuff begins with knowing exactly who you are, what purpose your business serves and where to find your ideal target audience fast.

Up next, is presenting yourself in a way that is memorable (for all the right reasons) and in keeping with your brand. For instance, if you’re supposed to provide high-end goods and services then it’s a good idea to look the part.

At a business conference once, I met a lady who told me that she was about to launch a store selling top-quality footwear for tall women like me. She was tall herself, simply yet immaculately dressed, wearing a unique pair of flat shoes and when she slipped a stylish business card holder out of her handbag as we exchanged details, I felt that I could trust her to deliver.

If you claim to be cheap and cheerful, look ‘cheap and cheerful’. If you are a friendly and accessible business, look ‘friendly and accessible’. If you’re going to be quirky and unique, well ‘do you’. Enough said.

Now, when it comes to telling people about what you do, it helps to start with a short and intriguing phrase that gets them to engage by asking you further questions.

For instance, financial planners have been known to say “I grow money,” and photographers “I shoot people.”

When asked to explain yourself (and if you’re doing it right, 8 out of 10 times at least you will be), you then need to highlight one or two specific problems experienced by your specific target audience and mention the precise solutions that lead to tangible benefits for your audience.

For instance, an accountant could say, “I keep people out of trouble.” Then when probed, clarify thus; “You know how small business owners dread doing their tax returns and leave it to the last minute? Well, I provide software and personal support that gives them more confidence, makes the task a breeze and saves them up to £5,000 on taxes and fees. Do you know anyone who would find this service helpful?”

The key to attracting the right clients, partners and opportunities on the spot is knowing your audience ‘intimately’ and using what I call ‘the mirror, match and shine’ technique. I go through simple ways to use this technique to full effect at my workshops and masterclasses. Infact, some people who have used a few of these strategies, have been known to cause a mini-stampede! 

So once you’ve strategically created an introduction that feels right to you and is guaranteed to not send innocent people to sleep, all you need do is go out there with the confidence that comes from being ready, introduce yourself when the opportunity presents itself (and hey, it doesn’t always have to be an elevator pitch, ask me how to spot these opportunities everywhere you go), then offer those who express interest, a relatively risk free way to test drive your offer and experience how awesome you are…  

Think about it and let me know if you need any help! 

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