In today’s global economy, people in business are spoilt for choice when it comes to attracting the clients and opportunities they need to help them achieve their goals. But too much of a good thing can be a problem. Which is why many business people are getting overwhelmed by chasing after the next bright shiny object. Not to mention finding the time to juggle posting photos on facebook, sending tweets, linking up on LinkedIn, blogging consistently, email marketing, direct marketing, business networking and goodness knows what else.

However, when it comes to attracting the right clients, strategic partners, speaking and media opportunities you need right now in order to achieve your goals, it’s all about picking what works best ‘for you’ and performing those (creative) tasks strategically and consistently. Here is the second method you should consider building your foundation on, as well as the common challenges associated with it and how to overcome them. 

#3. Viral Attraction – Nobody wants a viral infection under normal circumstances, but when it comes to attracting the clients and opportunities you want, viral is definitely a good thing. This is what happens when people are excitedly talking about and sharing your expertise with like minded people. In other words, ‘word of mouth exposure’. On steroids.

On the internet, this happens when an article, video or photo you’ve strategically placed on your website or social media channels gets passed on to numerous people in quick succession. However, viral marketing happens off-line too. For instance, when an ideal client visits your website then refers to your work and even shares your website address to a roomful of colleagues at an office meeting or conference, that might just be the start of some viral marketing for you.

Now, viral marketing may not happen frequently but the possibilities of its occurence can be enhanced by delivering excellent value, creating a compelling portfolio of your work and sharing content that is inspiring, helpful and portable. Think about a time when you’ve excitedly shared a customer experience with your friends and colleagues. What impressed you? Was it a media story about the company? Was it a product sample or special offer? Or was it an actual first hand experience of a product or service or person?

Although you may achieve viral marketing without a website, a compelling portfolio and strategic content of your own, these things all make it easier for people to help you share your best work with the right audience as well as ensuring that the precise message you want shared is kept intact.

As you know, people see and express things differently and over time this can distort a message – no matter how clearly it was first communicated. So it is important to guide people on specifically what to share and how. E.g. Copy and paste this message from our website and email to 10 friends who may be interested in attracting new clients to their business so you all get 10% off on our next workshop.

Now, think about your own business. Does what you do really excite you? Have you got a personal brand and if so, is it clear and compelling? Are you effectively telling stories about yourself, your creative process, the results you have achieved for others through your work and the tangible benefits this has brought them? Are you creating and sharing compelling content that is easy for others to pass on to your ideal audience intact?

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Think about the questions above and let me know if you need any help! 

The Editor

Ogo Ogbata is a writer, teacher, innovator and strategist.


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