In today’s global economy, people in business are spoilt for choice when it comes to attracting the clients and opportunities they need to help them achieve their goals. But too much of a good thing can be a problem. Which is why many business people are getting overwhelmed by chasing after the next bright shiny object. Not to mention finding the time to juggle posting photos on facebook, sending tweets, linking up on LinkedIn, blogging consistently, email marketing, direct marketing, business networking and goodness knows what else.

However, when it comes to attracting the right clients, strategic partners, speaking and media opportunities you need right now in order to achieve your goals, it’s all about picking what works best ‘for you’ and performing those (creative) tasks strategically and consistently. Here is the second method you should consider building your foundation on, as well as the common challenges associated with it and how to overcome them. 

#2. Virtual Attraction – Okay, so by now you probably know that there’s only so much face to face networking and selling you can do. So leveraging online technology is a great way to scale your marketing efforts and get your message in front of the right people all around the world. 24-7.

First Steps: Once you’ve nailed your messaging, you can apply the same principles I shared with you earlier to attract the clients and opportunities you want through social media networking. Essentially, rather than waiting to meet and mingle at conferences, breakfast networking events and the like, you can simply connect with like-minded people on professional networking sites like LinkedIn, schedule a call via telephone or Skype (or a meeting at your favourite tea house) and exchange value as usual.

With millions of people waiting to connect with fellow professionals like you on these social networks, just think about the possibilities. With the right approach, you can pretty much connect with anyone you want without relying on middle men (or women for that matter).

Next Steps: To step things up a notch, I highly recommend creating a professional online presence. This consists of assets such as: a website of some sort (a simple WordPress website with compelling content and copy can be created in as little as 30 days if you outsource to the right people or you can create professional webpages using a tool like Leadpages in the interim), a lead magnet (e.g. a valuable free report which can be as short as 2 pages long), a traffic source (e.g. Joint Venture Promotion or Facebook Advertising) and some email marketing that enables you to continue developing relationships and sales.

Have you got an effective website presence? I don’t mean having a website that merely looks pretty. I mean having a web presence that earns its keep and helps you achieve your goals. For instance, have you ever received emails from prospects, out of the blue, asking you to send them your price list? Do you get people asking you to come over and speak or consult after they have been on your website? Does your website provide you with a stream of qualified prospects? Does it make it easy for people to contact and send money to you? Does it position you as a credible expert, making it easier to convert prospects into customers?

Does your website (or landing pages for your lead magnet) communicate clearly and concisely what you do and the crucial steps you need people to take right away? Does it give people a taste of your expertise so that they can trust you instantly? Does it paint a balanced and likeable picture of you or is it mainly filled with accolades that make you seem unapproachable? Typically, you’ll have about 2 minutes or less to grab the attention of your online visitors and get them to proceed to the next step.

Although social media is particularly useful, any activity that doesn’t ultimately drive your ideal audience to your online real estate (i.e. the website/s and email database you own and control) may be a waste of time in the long term.

Top ways to convert your email subscribers into clients are by offering free sessions and free demos or special offers and discounts. To leverage your time more effectively, you can also invite them to valuable webinars and group presentations with a simple invitation to work with you at the end. 

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Think about the insights above and let me know if you need any help! 

The Editor

Ogo Ogbata is a writer, teacher, innovator and strategist.


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