Did you know that the About Page of your website (if you have one) is one of the most visited pages? But what do people want to see there? Information about how you can help them of course. However, they won’t care too much until they have created some sort of emotional connection with you. So how do you get them to care? By showing your human side a little bit.

So here are 10 (hopefully) interesting things about me which you probably never knew. Or did you?

#1. I’m originally from Enugu State in Nigeria.

It’s a beautiful city famous for its coal, stunning hills, reddish earth and for being the official capital of Eastern Nigeria albeit fleetingly. Easily one of my favourite places in the world. Think Spanish surburbia with much spicier food and weather.

#2. I have been writing since I was 4 – have worked as a freelance newspaper columnist and as a marketing executive for a multi-national company. I am passionate about sharing knowledge through teaching, training and consulting.

#3. My weakness is wanting to help people create transformation sometimes much more than they want that change for themselves. I am working on it.

#4. Enjoy singing and can write songs. Also enjoy cooking minus the washing up.

#5. My favourite colour is purple. All shades of it work in my book.

#6. I am nearly six feet tall.

#7. I have travelled or lived in 3 of the world’s continents. Travel is a great way to learn if one has an open mind and respect for other people’s culture.

#8. I’m a teetotaller.

#9. Wish that I could speak more languages and play at least one musical instrument.

#10. I am an introvert – although ironically a natural public speaker, not shy at all and super-feisty when I find a good cause!

#CreativityAndSense #Gratitude

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The Editor

Ogo Ogbata is a writer, teacher, innovator and strategist.

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