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Are you in the early years of starting up your own business or an established business owner who needs to ‘engage’ ideal prospects and partners in a time (such as now), when many who should hear your message are suffering from information overload? Perhaps you’re doing the best you can but your traditional marketing methods are barely working. You have targets, goals and dreams but without a steady stream of clients and collaborators not much can be achieved.

In addition to being inaudible, are you invisible and boring to your audience? Do they keep asking what you do and what makes you different from others? And in these challenging times, do you need more creativity and innovation, not to mention a healthy dose of inspiration? Okay. It’s very possible that you’ve got it all figured out BUT if your business team is struggling to focus or execute your vision, you won’t achieve the results you want to see. Would you like to maximise your performance, impact and income whilst creating an inspiring working environment?

Your Next Chapter.

According to Forbes, “When people are inspired by a company, 81% of them recommend said company to friends and family, 78% stay loyal, 72% share their experience with others and 55% spend more money with the company.”

Inspiration is at the heart of business today. As a matter of fact, your competition can copy your product, price or website, but the one thing they can’t copy is YOU. So, what if you could discover how to distinguish yourself from competitors, connect with your audience and inspire more prospects and partners to engage in doing business with you? The good news is that we can help you do this. Simply, quickly and creatively too. 

Research by IBM shows that, “Creativity is now the most important leadership quality for success in business.” In fact, about 60% of CEOs cited creativity as the most vital leadership quality today. In a nutshell, times are changing. Whether you are a professional or business owner in today’s highly competitive business market, ‘creativity’ and the ability to inspire engagement using strategic positioning, compelling content, innovative products and services as well as valuable relationships can help you distinguish your business, wow your audience and maximise your ROI. Plus if you’d like to get your friends, family and business team to rally round and support your goals, clearly you have to inspire their confidence for sure.

But, who am I? 

Once upon a time, I was just the typical ‘creative type’. Then I ventured into the corporate world and discovered that my creative skills were ‘very valuable’ to professionals, businesses and brands. These days I help professionals and business owners to discover the unique talents and assets that distinguish them from the competition. I also help them to connect and communicate with their audience in a manner that inspires results. It goes without saying that my work is done with a focus on creativity and good sense. Do find out more about me here

A Warm Welcome!

Thank you so much for visiting. I also recommend stopping at my blog (where I share inspiring perspectives on business, creative enterprise and life). In my culture, it’s common practice to make a fuss over guests and even cook up a storm. So here’s a welcome package for you. I look forward very much to connecting further with you!

“Energy, Focus and Absolute Commitment…”

“Ogo is an author of renown, coach, consultant and public speaker, all of which she combines very skillfully to great effect. I am once again astounded at this lady’s energy, focus and absolute commitment to making a real difference to the causes and communities she supports. If anyone out there is interested in the areas that she covers – buy her books, join her talks or commission her services, you won’t regret it.” Mike Skidmore - Speaker and Brand Consultant for The British Council, United Nations, Cranfield University Business School and The Chartered Institute of Marketing @

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